2017 Committee Chairman Contacts


2017 Chairman
Linda Lou Parsons
(251) 454-6058

Sponsorship Chairman
Dawn Pilot
(251) 610-6511

Event Day Committee

Event Day Chairman
Sarah Edmonds-Jirka

Event Day Co-Chairman
Katie Cole-Tyson

Hat Parade Committee

Hat Parade Co-Chairman
Barbara Mudd

Hat Parade Co-Chairman
Dawn Wilhelm

Hospitality Committee

Hospitality Chairman
Jane Giffen

Luncheon Committee

Luncheon Chairman
Sharon Dearing
(251) 591-6879

Pam Todd
Jerry Ann McCarron
Kathy Baugh
Jenna Barnes

Mercedes Drawdown Committee

Mercedes Drawdown Ticket Chairman

Merchandise Committee

Merchandise Chairman
Jenna Barnes

Silent Auction Committee

Silent Auction Co-Chairman
Mallory Rush
(251) 622-0122

Silent Auction Co-Chairman
Merritt Courtney
(251) 490-1024

Silent Auction Acquisitions Chairman
Cristin Waite
(251) 341-4085

BidPal Chairman 
Larry Warden

Social Correspondence Committee 

Social Correspondence Chairman
Pattie Adcock
(251) 422-6776

Tailgate Committee

Tailgate Co-Chairman
Kat Blosser
(251) 509-4555

Tailgate Co-Chairman
Katelyn Jones
(334) 796-1996

Ticket Committee

Tickets Chairman
Melanie Harris

Tickets Co-Chair
Pattie Adcock
(251) 928-1080

Wine Tasting Committee

Wine Tasting Co-Chairman
Anne-Clinton Roberts

Wine Tasting Co-Chairman
Garriff Roberts

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